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Follow the leader: the strategy behind Influence Marketing

Tyson Christmas NuggetsTyson Foods had unprecedented sales of chicken nuggets by Christmas, selling out their stock completely in just a few weeks. This was not the result of a new print, online, or commercial campaign. Rather, it was because they decorated nuggets like Christmas cookies and shared the idea with key Mommy bloggers who then shared the images on their social networks. The decorated nuggets resulted in over eight million impressions on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and YouTube – and surpassed the company’s goal by 70%!

It’s a whole new world, with brand new targets to identify — a world where encouraging key social influencers to share experiences across social media channels is an emerging path to marketing success.

Why did marketing to the Mommy bloggers, Tweeters and Facebookers lead to such a successful campaign? Because these people directly influence the buying decisions of their followers. They are the influencers. Once key influencers are identified for a specific market, they are who brands should be marketed to. Having key influencers tout a product or service is the best way to have a brand stand out in the vast sea of digital noise.

Statistics show that when email content is distributed to an audience of millions of people, the click-through rate is half of one percent. But content sent to the top 50 influencers in a market results in a click-through rate closer to 9.5 to 10 percent.

How is this possible? Because the influencers are passionate about sharing information within their social media circles. The influencers’ goals are to be relevant in their communities, not just one of the crowd. Once a marketer can identify the influencers and provide them with desired content, the influencer will respect and build a relationship with the provider. The result: he or she will share the content with the targeted community.

Building a relationship with key influencers in old fashioned terms can be key. Instead of e-blasts and direct mail campaigns, key influencers are being courted via event invitations, phone contact and personal emails. It’s a combination of new ideas meeting traditional relationship building. According to a recent report in Forbes magazine, “targeted influencer marketing in targeted niches drives 16 times more engagement than paid or owned media”.

No wonder top marketers and brands are utilizing this powerful new marketing method. Chicken nuggets, anyone?

Email-Fatigue … Are you responsible?

online shoppingI’m an online shopper … I admit that I love to shop in my jammies, capitalize on free shipping and use promo codes.  I keep a running list of what is to arrive and use my Amex card to get points … it’s true, I’m a user.  I have my favorite sites like Proflowers and Chicos … but seriously, do I have to hear from them every day?  I think not.

So I am forced to use the unsubscribe button … or face deleting the sale flyers in my email that proliferate at an alarming rate … I mean who buys flowers every day?  Someone who is either in love for the first time and has unlimited funding or a relative in the business?  So I unsubscribe. But low and behold … the emails come back. Grrrrrr. I read the fine print which admittedly informs me that that my email address has been sold to a third party who is sending me email on behalf of Proflowers … really?

Email pollutionEven when loyal to a brand or service, subscribers can experience email fatigue and choose to unsubscribe.  And once subscribers unsubscribe, they become detached, literally and psychologically, from an advertiser’s messaging.  So how do you as an advertiser protect your customer (and your business) from email fatigue fallout?  Follow some simple rules of e-mail etiquette.


  1. Don’t spam your list.  Determine the frequency that you should be using with your client list and stick to it.
  2. Don’t over-automate. Sending automated messages can be useful, but be sure you balance the automated messaging with the non-automated so you are nurturing your contact list … not alienating them.
  3. Respect the unsubscriber’s choice. It’s the law that recipients must be allowed to unsubscribe from your list, so please make it easy for them to do so.
  4. Scrub your list regularly. Determine the difference between soft and hard bounces and make sure to take off the addresses that have permanent delivery issues.
  5. Test your e-mail. Just as you would proof anything, proof your e- blast by sending a test to a small group and making sure the message is working and the subject is not ending up in the “junk” folder.
  6. Personalize. Send the message from a real person in your company and send it to a real name.  This is more welcomed than “Dear customer”.
  7. Be mobile-friendly.  Make sure your e-mail looks good on a mobile device.
  8. Offer a text version – just makes sense.
  9. Make e-mail attractive but do not use JavaScript and flash, which will be annoying to the reader.
  10. Avoid spam trigger words in your subject lines.  There are spam trigger lists to consult – just do it.

Happy e-mail customers make for successful e-mail campaigns … just sayin’.

Making a Case for “Case”

Fps or FPS …

Here is where case makes
a big difference.  If displayed
in logreg-shorts-1aflatedtsmwer case, fps is short for frames per second, a measure of how much information is used to display motion video. The term applies to both film video and digital video.  Since each frame is a still image, displaying frames in quick succession creates the illusion of movement. The image of the skiers is approximately a half second of frames display.

If seen in capital letters FPS is short for “First Person Shooter” … and this pertains to the video game genre where the gamer can only see the character’s hands holding a weapon on the screen. Games that involve first person shooting are great for letting off steam. While playing, one often times dies, or in attempting to heal, grabs a medical kit and as we say in gaming, lives to die another day.

Gaming has served yet another educational function … especially for people like myself … the visually cursed. I realized very soon that the resolution and display of the graphics in my video game needed to be very crisp and fast – for this the fps (the refresh rate of video) needed to be 30 frames per second for a great display experience sFirst-Person-Shooter-games-1024x819o a high definition graphics card is essential. Only Nvidia or AMD will do. Every time I buy a new computer I need a high end graphics card … cha-ching (see what I mean about visually cursed?).

This also means a fast connection is required – so no DSL for me. Fiber optic is supposed to be the fastest – so depending on where you live and how the data is delivered determines your speed for MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game). Also, many of us are in voice as we game together … so that also drains your signal.  I never knew I would learn so much about computers playing online … but hey – it’s good to still think like a 23 year old on occasion.

Apps to Live By (come on get appy)

Where would we be without them … those apps we have learned to depend on.
Our handhelds hold google walletthe keys to our lives and that is likely why you see people in the streets, supermarkets and restaurants looking at their phones. For me…the more paper I can eliminate, the “appier” I am.

I recently installed the Google Wallet – and wow – am I glad to remove all the loyalty cards that have been crowding my keychain!  Now I simply open the app, show the loyalty card and the cashier can scan my phone.

When shopping … if I see the logo for NFC technology, I can use my Google Wallet to tap- and- pay utilizing contactless payments.  Can it be this easy?

wazeWhen I am driving anywhere over 30 minutes I depend on Waze for real time traffic and road information. This app also indicates where the most economical fuel is located … who could ask for more?

And here is another great app – Big Oven, a cooking app that helps you with step by step cooking directions, creates a shopping list and even provides nutritional big oveninformation (ok, that might be over the edge). I love the design which features a user friendly interface and appetizing images. I keep this one on the tablet so I can have larger pictures and allow the husband to be influenced (*wiggles eyebrows*) which is always a good thing.  It even helps you use left-over’s which is economical … so let’s see what’s in the Big Oven …then let’s eat!

shazamFor those who love music (wait …that’s me) here is a great app, Shazam.  This app will recognize music and media playing around you and identify it for you.  It will additionally create a playlist for you and … of course direct you to iTunes so you can make a purchase it if you like.

As a coffee drinker, nothing is more convenient than my Starbucks card. Flashingindex the phone is way easier than finding the little card when I am standing in front of my favorite barista … and I can always load using the convenience of my laptop so I’m never charging/signing at the cashier … I love this app.

An how can any of us live without our banking app.  Forget to pay a bill, check a deposit … transfer money … the bank is right there in the palm of your hand. I can remember when the first ATMs showed up and we thought they were the coolest … but now that acronym just means “at the moment” *smiles*


“Ma, it’s not a phone, it’s a computer that has phone”

It’s yet another truth from my astute son.  That’s exactly what we are using when we manipulate the touch screens of our handheld devices – a micro-computer complete with an operating system and applications that help us run our lives. They run the gamut from calendar, address book, e-mail,  camera (for stills and video, of course), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, text messaging , media player, links to social media  and other applications to personalize the experience for the user.  Oh, and yes. You can even call someone.

Ma, it’s not a phoneBack in the 80s I remember experiencing my first fax machine and I was so impressed!  No longer would I have to pack up the artwork in a portable, though sometimes cumbersome, portfolio, drive to the client for the required in- person meeting and secure approval for a magazine ad. Today if someone even suggests sending me a fax … or even asks for my fax number … I have to smirk. I now send my clients pdfs and in seconds ads are in front of them where they can study them and get back to me at their convenience – now that’s progress.

I use my handheld to pay for my coffee at Starbucks, show my boarding pass and check into a flight,  use coupons at the department store and text my husband to see what’s for dinner. I read and answer email or play FreeCell when I have to wait, and I  take photos and post them to social media when I’m feeling kinda social … man has life changed.

So in this age of the handheld, the next device that features a faster processor, a high def screen, and a longer lasting battery has my vote. I will be opening my wallet and upgrading. My latest love is the HTC M-8 phone (oops I mean computer) in glamour red … sweet!


Well … now I’ve seen everything … Google Glass

google glassGoogle glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project. The mission …. to produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a Smartphone-like hands-free format, that can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

The Explorer Edition is available to testers and Google I/O developers in the United States for $1,500, while a consumer version will be available some time in 2014 for “significantly less” than the Explorer Edition. On July 2, 2013, Google launched an informational press site for Glass, which stated that the company’s goal “is to make Glass available to a wider group of Explorers later this year, with even broader availability next year.

check out the fashionable eye-wear … what will they think of next?