Logos for President!

hillary logo - CopyHere it is – the new symbol of brand Hillary. The colors are certainly predictable, even presidential and it is a good strategy that the name Clinton is played down and the name Hillary played up. What does the arrow mean?   Let’s see, moving ahead, this way, points to America, Hillary is pointing to America – ok – that works. In substance and strategy, it’s not bad, but is it presidential? Probably not, and for a brand logo there are way too many words. I would think Hillary.com would be enough – oh wait, that’s actually a software company … a word to Hillary’s campaign manager “Time to make a deal”.

rand logo

Ok, here is another candidate who has tossed his hat into the ring – Rand Paul. It’s certainly short and sweet and the colors are certainly bold – but are they presidential? Hmmm What is the flame all about? Are we talking about the Olympics? The flame of Liberty … the Statue of Liberty … ok – I’ll bite. It certainly is more powerful than the Hillary logo when appearing at the same size.

ted cruiz logoAnd here is another candidate logo, colors are presidential, name is large and easy to read … is that a flag in the shape of a flame? What are we saying here? Eternal America, burn the flag … no, I’m sure that’s not right. Is the 2016 necessary? Too small? For me the flag in the shape of a flame doesn’t work – just my personal opinion … and therein lies the rub. All these logos will be seen and interpreted through different eyes and political orientations.marco rubio logo

And here is yet another campaign logo with a graphic of the United States dotting the i? Um, no. That will just become a blob (or a fish) when the logo is reduced and no one will even get it. Otherwise I love the font and all those round vowel shapes are very nice graphically. I also love the way the name is separated by color so the last name is emphasized – perfect! A New American Century – now there’s an idea.

logo_jill_2016_revI’m not exactly sure who Jill Stein is – but apparently she’s running for president in 2016. This logo looks more like margarine than a political candidate … but it has a very sunny feel. *winks* I would have separated the color between the two words and used a much more serious color – but hey … it sure is different!

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